5 Tips & Tricks To Wig Shopping Online to Avoid Scams

Hey Queens! Have you ever been nervous to buy a wig online that looks beautiful...but also suspicious. Yeah, me too girl! Or have you bought a wig for a special occasion only to open your package and see a completely different style that is almost unwearable?? Been there, done that, wrote a blog about! Ha!

Well it hasn't happened to me in awhile because I follow a few steps to avoid scammers and fake deals, especially on Amazon. I shop Amazon weekly and review these deals in my YouTube Amazon Hauls. Sometimes I run into some catfish wigs but more than often, I find some seriously affordable GEMS! I try my best to share the deals that I see look legit on my Amazon Influencer Page.

Here are the steps I try to follow to find success when shopping online:

1. Take the time to look at the product picture thoroughly.

(Are there any red flags? Does the wig look like a wig or someone's real hair? Is the image stolen?)

2. Is the price "too cheap"?

(Sometimes too cheap doesn't mean too good. For example, a human hair wig for $10 is not very likely but a human hair headband wig between $40+ is more realistic and may possibly be legit.)

3. Read the reviews, they're there to help you.

(All reviews aren't 100% honest but you can find a lot of information about the product for free in the review section)

4. Follow Reviewers you trust and buy from their recommendations.

(Sometimes the safer option is to buy from who you trust. I post recommendations for online wig deals daily on my social media for you all to see options to shop)

5. Read the title of the product thoroughly.

(Sometimes the title tells it all, a product may have a picture of a lace front wig and the description detail that it's actually a half wig, u-part wig, or closure wig. The more you know the better.)

Well queens, I hope that this helped! Comment below and let me know which tip you liked the most and your experience shopping online.

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