Becoming a Hair Influencer on TikTok 101

Becoming a Hair Influencer on TikTok 101

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Whether your just starting or ready to up your game on TikTok, this book can be used as a manual to help you in the area of being a hair influencer on TikTok. Each chapter is filled with step by step information with easy to understand practices to help you make it happen.


Table of Contents:

 1 My Hair Influencer Story

How & why I became a hair influencer

 2 The Power of TikTok

The benefits of posting on TIkTok as a hair influencer and how it has affected my brand

 3 Ways to Make Your Content Make you Money

Strategies to create income from your content and how to implement possible streams of income

 4 Guide to Getting Started + Editing TikTok content

Steps to start your hair influencer journey

List of 50 TikTok video ideas surrounding hair content

List of 10 common editing applications to edit your content for posting

 5 TikTok Posting Strategies

Strategies for filming, editing, and lighting set up

When to post your content and how often,

How I use hashtags within my content

List of 50 hashtags within the hair influencer community for you to use

 6 How to Read Your Analytics

A breakdown of TikTok analytics and how to make them work for you

A look at my personal TikTok analytics from my profile

 7 Working with Brands

Tips for setting your rates when working with brands

List of common hair brands for partnership opportunities

 8 Dealing with Creator Burnout & Hate

Tips to deal with burnout when it happens

How to handle hate comments

 9 The Power of an Influencer

Best Influencer Practices

Unsureness as an Influencer

How to handle life as an influencer

Tips for influencers overall

How to overcome camera shyness and lack of confidence

 10 Learn from my Mistakes & Content

TikTok tips I learned along the way

Breakdown of my viral content with over 500,000 views

Analytics of the viral TikTok that made the most impact and how


Number of Pages - 80

Number of Chapters - 10

Book Format - Downloadable Ebook