Becoming a Content Creator Ebook

Becoming a Content Creator Ebook

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The Becoming a Content Creator Ebook explains how I connect and maximize my content on social media to create income and grow using what I call The Big Three Content Strategy. I teach you how to use my strategy on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram in my step by step beginners guide.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why I Choose to Create Content

 My story & how I got started creating content on social media

  1. The Big Three 

The three main social media platforms I choose to post content to, gain income from, and why.

  1. The Content Tree

How to connect each of your social media platforms to one another, to progress in all three.

  1. The Social Branches
  2. Content Strategy Breakdown
  3. All Three Working Together

A breakdown of how each social media platform can work together for one another, to increase your online revenue.

  1. Details to Remember, Tips to Get Started, & Conclusion

Learn from my mistakes with my list of the top ten lessons I learned while being a content creator and more.


Number of Pages - 25

Number of Chapters - 7

Book Format - Downloadable Ebook